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Forced Green is going to harness the wind.  How?  Vertical Wind Power.

Vertical Wind Power will not harm birds, bees, etc, as horizontal wind generators have a tendency to do.

Living off retirement savings (with penalties!),it is not economically feasible to fund this project without support. This project’s goal is to build a working vertical wind power system, as economically as possible, that will noticeably offset the enormous cost of being dependant on the grid. Once accomplished it is the project’s intent to provide this service; labor, materials, et al, free if possible, but realistically has cheap as your support would allow, to those who need it the most – senior citizens. Those who live on fixed incomes, that have to make a decision between buying food, medicine or paying their electric bill.

Please donate!  Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

As the project goes forward, updates will be provided that includes: technical data, how to’s, do’s and don’ts, and cost data.

Another way to assist is to click on the advertising.  Many of them I have written about, of those, I have either researched the product or have actually purchased. I do not advertise on items that have no value to you, they are all about going green. So,  help your favorite bloggers out by buying from a blog.

Forced Green works very hard to provide the latest and greatest information concerning going green in a variety of fields. Forced Green depends on your donations in it’s continuing effort in providing you with what can be done today along with the green technologies that tomorrow is bringing. So, to those who have donated, and those who continue to donate, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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