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Fuel Efficiency Ideas That You Can Apply to the Home

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

It’s 2012, and many of the countries around the world are in financial insecurity, so whether you’re just looking to save some money each month, or you really need to cut back on spending, there are still plenty of things you can do to cut those bills by being inventive. After all, a lot of people are struggling financially these days. It’s been a bad few years for many countries; with job losses, redundancies, and firms closing, it’s no wonder that people have had to resort to different types of money saving practices to keep their family afloat.

Times are tough, fuel prices are through the roof, and most people’s jobs feel insecure – what do you do to cut down? Well, one great way of saving a bit of money is by being inventive and creative in your home. There are quite a few fuel efficient hacks which you can apply to your own home if you fancy saving some coin and doing a spot of DIY.

Rocket Stove

Take the ingenious Rocket Stove, for instance. It’s a variety of wood-burning cooking stove which can help your family cut down bills this winter. It’s a kind of make-shift wood burner which could be used to cook some of your food during those expensively cold winter nights. Basically, it’s a rudimental stove made from low-cost materials and parts. If you want something to keep your cockles warm for hardly an outlay, this is what you want.

credit: palesa_flower

So, the Rocket Stove allows you to cook food on top of the chimney, which is connected to base tube which contains the wood. It’s a simple process but effective nonetheless, and if you’re really into your money saving and creativity, the Rocket Stove is a great way of doing so.

If you want to cut down on your overall household bills, making small amendments to your energy uses will make a huge difference. One of the biggest culprits is the energy and fuel efficiency from our devices. Computer screens, for instance, tend to run on the most power-consuming setting by default, so by turning the power settings down on the screen you will save a considerable amount each month. Some screens even come with ‘Smart sensors’, which reduce and increase the brightness of the screen automatically to achieve a greater efficiency.

Alternative Fridge

credit: Utopias para caminar

Another more complex and quirky hack would be to create your own fridge using nothing but Mother Nature as its power source. If you live in colder climates, hacking your own fridge is pretty easy. All you need is: the wood from a pine tree, a few stacks of horizontal planking for your items to sit on, a couple of 24v computer fans, and basic tools. In no time you will have a fridge that should, in theory, be able to keep your food chilled – providing you lie in a country which is cold enough to chill the food in the first place.

So, there you have a few ideas to be a little ambitious and try something new. These ideas won’t be to everyone’s tastes or enjoyment, but the savings can be quite impressive if you get it right. Just remember to always think on your feet for new money saving ideas and you should be on to several winners in the future.

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7 Great Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency at Home

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

The summer is over! No more sunny weather, ice cream and days at the beaches. Although the season where air-conditioning and ventilation costs go through the roof is over, energy spent on heating goes up. There`s a lot of money to be saved if you implement the following tips. In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at 7 things you can do around your house to improve the overall energy efficiency:

1. Guess how much of the energy of a typical American house is spent on lighting? 10% is the answer. Imagine how much energy would be saved if you replaced all inefficient incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

Studies show that CFLs only spend 20% of the energy as old incandescent – meaning there could be several hundred bucks worth of savings if you replace them all. If you don’t like the particular light these new lamps give off look into energy-efficient incandescent ones (yes they exists).

2. Then there’s alternative forms of lighting you can consider. Outdoor solar lights is a great example of this. They store the energy from the sun when it is shining; making sure that your garden is lit up in the evening. (more…)

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