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How are the Candidates Going to Clean America?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

How are the Candidates Going to Clean America?

The method in which America creates energy has been a hot topic during the 2008
presidential election. For most, a primary concern deals with how we can keep prices
down at the pump while eliminating our need for foreign oil. This desire has lead to the
“drill here, drill now” crowd calling for domestic offshore drilling (among other things).
While everyone agrees that energy independent principles are vital to revving
up the American economy, there are big differences in how to accomplish this task.

Notably, when it comes to the energy resources and environmental protection standards,
there are fundamental differences in Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s interests.
Additionally, when it comes to bills in congress addressing consumer protection, (more…)

Red, White, and Blue/Green

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

According to Focus Earth, astounding results in a poll conducted by ABC News,
Planet Green, and Stanford University, “puts a whole new spin on American
environmentalism”. Every black cloud has a silver lining. The black cloud of
energy costs and gas prices has produced a silver lining of mass consciousness-
raising over global warming, the health of our planet, and our own personal
carbon footprints. Albeit it economically driven, I will certainly take having
people wake up and smell the coffee due to a stressed bank account instead of a
terminally ill planet. Surveyed from all over the nation, here are some of the (more…)

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