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A Greener Road Ahead

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Dale Jackson has always been passionate about the open road. In order to help other people realize their dreams, he writes for Capital Solutions, who specialize in commercial truck financing.

With all of the emphasis on the environment in the mainstream media, it is not surprising that the trucking industry has come under fire. After all, crossing the country in heavy rigs that eat up diesel fuel and spit out gratuitous amounts of nitrogen oxide is no one’s idea of environmentally friendly. But it cannot be denied that trucks are important for our economy. Nothing gets anywhere without them. And the trucking industry is looking into ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some “green” changes that can be made by individual truckers and the industry in general.

Alternative Fuels

This is probably the most obvious option, since it is the one most talked about. Oil is a valuable resource and though diesel is less harmful than regular gasoline, the sheer amount of diesel that is utilized releases tons of sulfur emissions into the air.

Moderating Speed

One of the biggest things that truckers can do on a regular basis to increase fuel efficiency is to monitor their speed. Depending on the vehicle, the greatest fuel efficiency can be reached between 50 and 65 miles per hour. Trucks should not be going much faster than this anyway, but like most drivers, truckers can fall into the trap of speeding.

By maintaining an efficient speed, truck drivers can save fuel and money, as well as ensure that they are practicing safe habits. Passenger car drivers can do their part by not tailgating trucks or practicing other aggressive driving habits that could pressure trucks to go faster.

Nitro-Inflating Tires

Fuel efficiency is not the only environmental issue concerning commercial trucking. Changing the tires that trucks use is a change that can be implemented immediately, rather than depend on research into technology that doesn’t exist yet.
By using a combination of nitrogen and oxygen instead of regular air, tires can last longer, as nitrogen maintains tires pressure longer. It also increases fuel efficiency, so it helps in multiple ways.

Continuing Innovation

Of course, there isn’t just one answer to environmentally friendlier trucking. There is continued research into changing the aerodynamics of trucks, technology that alters speed based on topography, and solar powered commercial vehicles. It is the continued journey toward eco-friendly methods that will bring those methods about.
The best thing that individuals can do is to find out more about what innovations are being made and show their support of them. By spreading the word and getting more people interested, change can be brought about much more quickly. There are a lot of changes already being made in the trucking industry, so help the image of truckers by sharing with a friend.

Tugboat Annie’s Green Machines

Friday, June 18th, 2010

A Norwegian-American Woman’s Legacy To Our Green Future

7023_22030751626_2Founded in 1889, the story of Foss Maritime based out of Seattle, Washington, is a quintessential example of the American Dream: Thea Foss, a young Norwegian immigrant and her husband, Andrew, turned one rowboat into what eventually became a world class fleet of tugboats. It started in Tacoma, Washington when Thea Foss bought a used rowboat, hoping to rent it out to help with the family’s finances. After painting it pristine white with green trim (nice foresight!), she sold the rowboat at a profit and used the money to buy several more boats. By 1904, the company boasted 10 launches, a shipyard, a 60-passenger oil powered boat, and a small rescue craft to help disabled vessels. (more…)

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