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Natural Architecture

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Natural Architecture

Natural architecture is the work of architects and artists that take natural beauty and combine it into their masterpieces. This idea was developed to bring humans closer to nature, designer homes and buildings that blend in with their natural surroundings and use living materials to make the most spectacular architectural designs.

Natural architecture is when the surroundings are used as the framework when designing a new building and usually incorporates a team of architects and artists.

Where Did it All Start?

Natural architecture was the design idea of architect Frank Lloyd Wright back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Before his death in the 1950’s Frank Lloyd Wright had designed some of the most spectacular natural architecture buildings and homes.

This carried on into the 1960’s when an artist group called the land art movement started creating spectacular art using only natural resources.

Falling Water House

image source

The most popular of all the natural architectural designs is Falling Water House which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. This property in Pennsylvania in the USA took two years to build. The house sits over a waterfall and Wright used this as the basis of the home.

The home has been listed as one of the twenty eight places to visit before you die.

Toad Hall

Toad Hall was designed by Patrick Dougherty in 2004. Dougherty uses the natural resources around him to create spectacular masterpieces. Most of his work uses wood which is weaved together making human sized homes. Whilst the building themselves are uniquely beautiful, they are designed to disintegrate, and become one with nature again!

Reed Chamber

Reed Chamber was designed by Chris Drury in 2002. The UK artist uses wood, reeds and natural surroundings to create some of the most beautiful natural architecture, which aims to reflect human interaction with nature. Reed Chamber is a spectacular demonstration of his use of reeds blending into the natural surroundings.

Taliesin West

image source

This resort in western Arizona is another of the Frank Lloyd Wright designs. He was inspired by the rugged landscape that surrounded the area and designed a property which not only blends into the surrounding landscape, but looks as though it is growing out of the earth.

This property is made of sand and stone combined with a canvas roof. All the materials come from the surrounding desert, and Wright was keen to harness as much natural light as possible in order to aid environmental efforts.

Nest House

Nest House was another of Patrick Dougherty’s designs. Located in southern Indian, this property is made from a variety of woods all weaved together in a selection of huts, cocoons and buildings. All made to human size, here Dougherty combines his carpentry skills with his love for the environment, to create a spectacular wonderland of natural architecture at its best!

As global warming becomes an increasing concern world over, the desire of a few designers to reconnect with our natural surroundings, is a pursuit we should champion. Their work aims to provide a framework for others, to make others, us, consider our natural surroundings, and challenge our preconceived ideas. Should our buildings last forever, or should they evolve over time, passing back into nature, as we ourselves do too?

Article contributed by Distinctive Doors.

Germany Is On ‘Green’ Fire

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Dear Germany, When You Get To The Green Future, Please Throw The Rest Of Us A Rope!

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