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WindEnergy7 turbine

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Home Wind Systems are Selling well in spite of a soft US economy.  Wind Energy 7 is
helping homeowners to build and install wind/solar hybrid systems.  They have complete
kits of matching components starting at $2450 and going up to whatever size project a
customer needs. The best selling is the smaller rooftop mounted turbines that connect
with a solar panel to give clean reliable power.

Rooftop wind turbine and solar hybrid

Rooftop wind turbine and solar hybrid

The cycles of heavy wind season in winter, heavy solar season in summer go hand in
hand with their hybrid wind/solar systems.

Wherever wind resources are available, a solar system should have a wind turbine to
supplement it.   Wind blows more at night, sun is stronger by day. Wind is stronger
in winter seasons, sun is stronger in summer seasons. Our systems have more balance
than a straight wind or solar system. By combining wind/solar as a hybrid system,
their charging capability is more steady and consistant.

Wind Energy 7 designs, develop, and fabricate wind/solar hybrid energy products
that they sell online.  Customers have found the kits to be easy to deploy and

I know this is still expensive for most folks but it is a start with the right (more…)

Boston’s Summer Results

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Bostonians might be the only ones who gained from the summer’s record high fuel prices.
In an effort to save fuel and lower emissions, the city piloted a program that shortened
red lights to reduce the amount of time cars sat idling. The test was such a success that
Boston is now considering expanding the program to the rest of the city.

The results, released last week, show that shorter red lights will help Boston’s drivers
regain 135,000 hours each year that would normally be wasted waiting for a light to turn.

Traffic delays during the 60-intersection trial decreased 29 percent, while vehicle (more…)

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