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Compressed Natural Gas Pizza Truck!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Not many vendor trucks are eco-friendly. However, there is a new vendor truck, called the Neopolitan Express. It was unveiled in New York City last week.

The vehicle only emits 75% less greenhouse gas than trucks that run on gas or diesel. Mayor Bloomberg made the announcement with fellow billionaire T. Boone Pickens, whose company, Clean Energy Fuels, helped make the truck energy efficient.

Newest pizza truck with compressed natural gasWith all of the emissions in New York City, this seems to be a breath of fresh air. Being an electric car, Clean Energy Fuels are looking to add 5 more stations for a total of 10 within the city. With the mayor hoping to have 10,000 parking spaces for electric cars all over the city, this truck should not have any problems powering up.

The truck is capable of making a mini pizza in 90 seconds at a cost of $7. The oven is said to be able to reach 900 degrees. All of Neopolitan’s pizzas are made fresh with ingredients imported from Italy.

Neapolitan Express is based in East Harlem at 232 E. 111th St. and began plying city streets today with one truck. Its headquarters also includes a garage where the company will be converting at least a dozen more trucks to natural gas. Clean Energy Fuels is helping to finance the conversions.

Neapolitan Express includes refrigeration and ovens that run on electricity, charged via solar panels on the truck rooftop.

Even the company’s pizza boxes are eco-friendly, made from recycled and compostable cardboard.

I guess that Mayor Bloomberg is really getting NYC in the mood for green. Half of the city’s taxis are hybrids. There are plenty of other green projects that are ongoing along with converting some roofs to gardens, etc.

I am seeing progress all over the nation. It just seems to be moving at a snails pace. I know that the economy is not moving as fast as it could. However, if more folks jumped onto the going green band wagon, imagine how Mother Earth would be able to take in a full breath.

Either way, cudos to Neopolitan Express for their venture and future endeavors.

How Safe Is Your Wallet From This Silent Thief?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Wheelpump Corporation Solves Tire Inflation While Driving

Tiny On-Wheel Pumps Maintain Proper Pressure for Car Tires

Wheelpump Corporation, developer of automatic tire pressure maintenance technology for passenger cars and light trucks, announced the availability of evaluation prototypes and design specifications for the Loeweâ„¢ on-wheel pump to automobile manufacturers and component OEMs who wish to offer improved safety, increased mileage and optimized tire performance to their customers. (more…)

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