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Minimize Air Conditioning

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

What if we could rely on “natural” air conditioning to minimize energy use?
Swedish architect Anders Nyquist takes us to a school in Timrå, Sweden, that keeps cool and warm by mimicking the flow of air through anthills and termite mounds.

This is an example of how designing a home or building properly can create a comfortable environment using less resources. If the termite’s can figure this out, perhaps we can too.

Five Ways To Show Your Consumers Your Company Cares About The Environment

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Green energy practices dominate the realm of public relations. As a consequence, wise brands should take the time to emphasize environmentally conscious practices in their communications with clients. In fact, modern customers can base the totality of their brand assessment on the presence of eco-friendly pursuits. By applying the five techniques below, any company can foster a positive perception of earthly preservation.

Rely on Solar Power

Visible solar panels on a company building will send a strong message of endorsement for environmentally accommodating practices. The sun offers an endless outlet of power replenishment, and this invaluable energy should not go to waste. Proactive promotion of solar technology will endear a company to environmental activists everywhere. A single installation will send a provocative statement for efficient energy procurement to last generations. The initial cost can be starkly outweighed by the profitable benefits of positive press and reduced electricity dependence.

Eliminate Paper

Virtual technology has completely removed the need for wasteful paper memos and bills. All business can be electronically conducted, and this format can instantly save millions of trees in the world’s forests. As an added plus, paperless record keeping presents a rare opportunity to cut costs while boosting profits. Transitioning away from stationery generates a strikingly modern image for any brand, and the shift demonstrates astute care for the planet’s well-being.

Distribute Canvas Grocery Bags

Reusable custom tote bags can alleviate the strain of excessive plastic consumption. In its lifetime, one canvas grocery bag can remove the need for thousands of wasteful paper or plastic selections. Consumers will naturally start to associate the gracious green service with the brand that provides it. To maximize this noteworthy connotation, the decorative surface should include a recognizably obvious company logo. This catchy image will inform every innocent bystander about the revolutionary steps being taken by the company to ensure luscious landscapes for future citizens. Trees provide vital oxygen to all living beings, so these tote bags represent a major step forward for cleaner air quality.


Unnecessary garbage is the bane of environmentalists’ collective existence. Almost anything can be reused, so waste is a relic of obsolete lifestyles. A company that avidly recycles will inadvertently craft a positive reputation among green communities. The advantageous practice is no longer limited to paper products and plastic packaging. Now, even metals can be liquefied for quick reshaping into new products. Avoid trash no matter what the expense is, and consumers will flock to the freshly cultivated green persona.

Use Public Transportation

Lessen the dual burden on infrastructure and agriculture! Every person that utilizes local bus systems equals one less car on the road. If people see managerial professionals willing to ride public transportation, then they will likely feel more comfortable about it too. Newly designed high speed trains can also get rid of any need for fossil fuels. Cunning employers can provide bus passes to all of their workers to free them from noxious rush hour fumes. Other passengers will notice, and their curiosity about the generous brand will be piqued.

Final Note

The tips outlined above have been rigorously tested to enhance a brand’s public appeal alongside preserving the planet’s core ecosystems. By following the aforementioned advice, any sleek business can achieve environmental bliss.

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