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Power Monsters In Your Home

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


Guide to Buying Eco Friendly and Green Car

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

how to buy green carWhat are eco-friendly cars?

Eco friendly cars run on LPG, electricity, hydrogen and other nonpolluting fuels. They do not emit harmful gases and chemicals that cause harm to our environment. This can reduce the air pollution and prevent destruction of plants and trees. Hence they are called green cars. The fuel cost is low compared to petrol and diesel and hence they are quite economical. So, on a longer run you save a lot of money driving these cars. You not only save money by switching to these drives but contribute to fight against global warming.
Determine your usage:

These cars are usually compact in size and ideal for use within the city. If your choice is electric car but you are going to use it both within the city and for long drives, what you need is a hybrid version that runs on both battery and gasoline. Electric cars are usually compact in size and if you are looking for bigger cars then you may want to consider cars that run on bio diesel, ethanol or hydrogen. Like petrol and diesel cars, these cars differ in mileage too. If price is not a concern then you can go for the one that gives more mileage. However, you will still save more money on a longer run.
Value for money:

Make a list of eco-friendly cars and compare each of them to see what they offer you for the price you pay. You need to first make a list of feature that you need against what is being offered for the car that you choose. If you are ready to compromise on few or more features for best fit to your budget, go for it. If you are specific about some features in the car then see how expensive it is. If it is few hundred bucks you need to pay extra then it is fine. But if the difference is huge then buy the car within you budget and go for upgrade later. Check the fuel consumption of the car you choose. If it is an electric car then the batteries are more likely to wear out after a while. So check for warranties and discounts on replacing batteries.
Learn about tax benefits for the car you are planning to buy:

Not all eco-friendly cars have similar tax benefits and they differ based on various factors such as the class of the car, fuel consumption, type of fuel, etc. Get tax disc contact number and enquire about the tax benefits for each type of green car in the market. If you want to save money here, choose the one that gets you higher percentage of discount.

Check for safety:

The safety of driver and passengers is more important that its performance and environmental benefits. Check for the safety features inside and outside the car. Features like ABS, airbags, seat belts, crash guards, etc. are very important. Also check the safety of fuel tank; especially when it is an LPG based car as there should not be scope for leakage or spills. You can check with DVLA for safety standards and see if your car meets it.

Guest post by Annie Bonneville

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