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Senate to Middle Class: Drop Dead

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

A Message from Michael

Love him or hate him, he makes sense…

Friday, December 12th, 2008

They could have given the loan on the condition that the automakers start building
only cars and mass transit that reduce our dependency on oil.

They could have given the loan on the condition that the automakers build cars that
reduce global warming.

They could have given the loan on the condition that the automakers withdraw their
many lawsuits against state governments in their attempts to not comply with our (more…)

…And They Call The Wind Mariah…

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Mariah Power, the manufacturer of the Windspire®, a residential and commercial wind power appliance, was recognized in “Best of What’s New” in the green tech category by Popular Science in its December 2008 issue.

Windspire turbine

Windspire turbine

The Windspire is a 30-foot tall, propeller-free, vertical-axis wind turbine designed for harnessing wind power in urban, suburban and rural locations for both residential and commercial use. Each year, Popular Science reviews thousands of new products and innovations and chooses the top 100 winners across 11 categories for inclusion in its annual “Best of What’s New” issue, the best-read issue of the year. To win, a product or technology must represent a significant step forward in its category.

This award comes on the heels of the company’s announcement of its first volume manufacturing facility in Michigan that will be up and running next year, and the first multi-unit commercial installation of six Windspires at Devon Bank the first “green bank” in the Chicago, Illinois area. (more…)

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