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No More Tying Your Shoes

ZuBits are coming soon.

Zubits are magnets that will revolutionize the tying of shoes. Any type of shoe. Tennis shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, etc. If they have laces on them, then they need Zubits.

These magnets are very hearty and can hold alot. But do not be concerned.

They will open up when you remove your foot from the shoe.

So are you ready?

I know I am and I like it a lot better than velco. I like the look it gives your shoe as well. Nice and clean.

don’t know how Zubits will work on every shoe out there in the world. Heavy or stiff soled shoes like boots could make Zubits pop open incorrectly. Yet sometimes the construction of the upper of these shoes actually helps the Zubits stay closed. Large individuals who make extreme movements might also have problems. Zubits normally work great for most people, but if you are uncertain, we recommend buying stronger Zubits (the next size up), or simply lacing them looser can always work.

What is your opinion.

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