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According to Abledata, The MonoMano Cycling System is a leg-propelled adult tricycle with adapted tricycle handlebars intended for upper extremity amputees and others who have the use of only one hand, including stroke survivors and people with brain injury or arthritis. This system includes a Sun Bicycles EZ-3 recumbent tricycle with the MonoMano Handlebar (see separate entry) attached to the horizontal support beam in the center of the trike’s standard U-shaped handlebar. The design of the MonoMano Handlebar enables a person to steer the tricycle comfortably with one hand, while operating both brakes and shifting through all 21 gears without removing his or her hand from the grip. The adapted handlebar is also padded for comfort and easy gripping, and it is adjustable so it can accommodate individuals up to 76 inches in height. Adapted pedals are not included with this system

MonoMano, Inc.
1340 Wilderness Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
United States
Telephone: 443-797-2584.

I think that this is pretty cool. I wonder if they would sell to regular folk?

If anyone decides that they are going to check it out and buy one, please let me know. I believe that this product is really worth a try out.

What is your opinion?

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