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Earthquakes Are Becoming Abundant


Fracking can cause earthquakes either by the deed itself or the injection of the waste water.

“Before 2009, Oklahoma experienced few 3.0 or higher earthquakes — no more than three a year from 1991 to 2008. But in 2009, the amount of fracking wastewater injected deep into the ground has risen, and so has the number of earthquakes in the state”, reported by climate progress.

Really Scary!

So, you have heard of the big quakes in California? Well, at least 1/2 of them are caused from fracking. Then add in the fault lines and you have a recipe for a total failure for one state.

Now you have to look at almost the same scenario for the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. All of these states are suffering earth quakes.

Why? Well it seems that the scientist are close to figuring out that the waste water that is infused into the earth is the trigger for earthquakes. Especially in areas that have not had any earthquakes ever.

In other areas, the scientists have figured out that fracking creates human induced earthquakes or frackquakes. This event can cause an abundance of earthquakes to start rumbling.

In Texas, there are more than 50,000 disposal wells servicing more than 216,000 active drilling wells, according the the Railroad Commission. There have been many other earthquakes linked to injection wells in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, over 50 since 2008. There were no earthquakes before then. The most recent quake was 3.0 magnitude on January 22, just outside the DFW airport.

As the fracking continues, I guarantee you that they will get stronger. My guess is that until the populace gets totally scared, fracking with go untethered until then.

I would suggest that we look for different ways to get rid of the waste water. Maybe create a water plant that can handle the heaviest toxins or update a current one. Either way, we need to stop this practice.

What do you think?

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One Response to “Earthquakes Are Becoming Abundant”

  1. Lissof_leuf Says:

    We must take a serious look at how we derive energy, use energy and what we want our world to be for our future generations. Unfortunately, many people live only for today and care little for the future.

    Thanks Linda, for getting the word out there.

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