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Hot Trends On The Transportation Horizon To Make You A Greener Driver

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Thought you knew everything there was to know about being a green driver? According to a consumer survey conducted by Navigant Research, 40 percent of Canadians show a strong interest in making an electric car purchase and are concerned about learning what’s next in green driving trends. You can reduce your carbon footprint and save money by taking a cue from the hottest new green driving innovations.

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning & Used Hybrid Vehicle Purchase

Recondition: Thinking of purchasing a new car, but trying to stretch the life of your current vehicle? To really make it go the “extra mile” out on the road, hybrid battery reconditioning could add some life, says Green Hybrid, the online green automotive community. Hybrid battery reconditioning consists of disassembling your current battery to add new parts that will enhance battery life. While professional services can take the somewhat time consuming process over for you, at-home kits are available if you’re a DIYer at heart. Popular Mechanics offers helpful tips to keep you on target during your reconditioning project.

Purchase a used hybrid: Perhaps you’ve already reconditioned your hybrid battery and now it’s truly time to start vehicle shopping again. You can dive into the used hybrid market to get a real bang for your buck. With an estimated savings of $250-$3500 in federal tax credits, offers a variety of used hybrid cars to choose from.

Choose a Vehicle or Public Transportation Aiming to “Lose Weight”

Lightweight materials: Humans aren’t the only ones interested in losing weight. Designed to slash weight to offset the battery packs, overall lighter vehicles could leave a minimal carbon footprint. Engineers are choosing materials such as lightweight plastics and aluminum that can make cars 35-50 percent lighter than if made from the average steel, according to BMW.

New propulsion techniques help transportation modes tread more lightly: Already used for charging electric toothbrushes and other household devices, as Espacenet explains, inductive power transfer moves trains and trams through a magnetic field. Without a battery, these forms of transportation are lighter, meaning they’ll use less energy overall. This will provide a perfect alternative to leave your car at home on days you won’t be carpooling.

Install Low Resistance Tires

You’re already inflating your tires regularly to avoid drag and fuel expenditures, but did you know that replacing your current tires with low resistance tires can offer a 6 percent increase in fuel economy? These tires are harder than common tires, and therefore experience less friction and reduced fuel use. Research Green Seal at WBDG to discover if your vehicle could benefit from the low resistance tires.

Share a Ride or Start a Community Ride Share

If your job calls for a commute or the kids need to be trucked off to school, consider joining a rideshare service or starting one in your neighborhood. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint by taking a few cars off the road, you can arrange to share expenses like car insurance, maintenance and fuel. Apps like Rideshare and Car Pool School Edition can help individuals and families save money and time while making a green impact on their environment.

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