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Three Crazy Ideas That May Just Work.

I have come across three crazy ideas that will keep you thinking about how to conserve water and ink. With all of these sharp minds, we are really seeing some ideas/inventions that we could use today!

goldfish sink

Do you ever have that sinking feeling? Here is the Fish Bowl sink invention. Well, whatever fish is loaded into this sink, when the water is turned on to wash your hands, the level of water goes down until the faucet is turn off. Then the bowl will fill back up to its regular level.

A couple of things comes to mind. How does the water for the fish stay ecological for them while this fluctuation continues? I believe it is designed along the same lines as the toilet, it certainly is an emotional way to persuade consumers to think about saving water.

shower curtainThen there is the Green Water Shower Curtain. This invention by Elisabeth Buecher works toward the idea of taking a long shower will make these tubes/spikes expand and trap you. Not sure what the limit is but if you take a eight-minute shower every day, you use approximately 20 gallons of water. That adds up to 7,300 gallons per year. I think this would be great for your family if you have teens. That would certainly remove the time spent in the bathroom.

And last but not least, a way to save on ink. It is the Pencil Printer. While there is much ado about the 3d printers for food, clothing, etc. Here is one that can certainly keep your wallet closed to ink. This printer actually uses a pencil. Just slide it into the slot on top, it will separate the lead from the pencil and print your document. It will allow you to erase the page and re-use the paper for another document if need be. I think this is very doable along with being somewhat sustainable with the use of pencils. New or stubbs!

pencil printer

Photo: Hoyoung Lee/Yanko Design

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