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And Now The Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard is looking to approve the transportation of fracking toxic chemicals and water placed on large barges to now float down American Rivers.

 frackingThis proposal will be brought before the public for comment through November 29. Where? My guess is around the Pennsylvania area.

The reasoning behind this proposal is that transporting these radioactive, toxic chemicals and water is better served utilizing barges. The trucking and railroad industry, have been doing this nasty work since the beginning of fracking.

Now for the Coast Guard, they feel it is safer to transport down the rivers to various dumping sites via barges due to a better safety record. Well, isn’t that special. They want to utilize the Mississippi and Ohio rivers which are the busiest in any season.

Currently, all of the fracking that is being done in Pennsylvania is being shipped to Ohio, Texas, and Louisiana sites via trucks and railroads. Why? This creates the contamination of any state that is willing to accept these shipments. These chemicals are literally injected into the earth without any assurance that the water tables will not be infected.

Imagine the use of the rivers and the barge gets involved in an accident. All of its contents spills out and contaminates the river, the river banks and any wildlife. I am not saying that the rivers do not already contain pollution of some kind but why add to it?

The other problem utilizing barges is that after some time, the internals build up on radioactive isotopes which become a health concern for the workers. It is well known that benzene and toluene are part of the chemicals used and once it hits the water, they cannot be removed from the water systems.

We are certainly doing a good job of destroying Mother Earth with fracking and its end results.

What do you think?

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