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Vampire Electricity Is Costing You Money & Hurting the Environment – How to Stop It

The Department of Energy estimates that leaving our devices plugged in wastes nearly $4 billion per year. That averages out to about $130 per year per household that families are losing in unnecessary electricity costs. Stop wasting money with these easy fixes.

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How You’re Losing Money

When you think about how many appliances and electronic devices you have in your home, the number can be staggering.

  • A laptop left plugged in after charging consumes 66 percent of the total power needed to charge it completely, Stanford Alumni magazine reports. This is like leaving a coffee maker running for 12 days straight.
  • Cell phone devices left plugged in after charging will use up 2.24 watts of power, which comes to 60 percent of the power needed to charge the phone.
  • Just a simple 7-watt night light used for eight hours can cost $.01 per time block. When you add five lights a night, and multiply it by 300 nights, you end up with $15 per year.

All these devices plugged in all of the time and not even being used adds up to what is called “vampire energy loss.” This is the amount of energy that is used every day simply by leaving these devices plugged in. You are paying for energy that is just being wasted.

Stop the Energy Drain

By evaluating your energy use, you are taking the first step to saving energy and finding the extra money you are looking for. In order to maximize your savings, it is a good idea to eliminate the devices that are just using energy to sit there on the shelf. Check out these ideas to save money and keep your devices.

  • Install power strips that can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch. You can still have your devices plugged in and not have them using energy.
  • Eliminate the devices you have several of. Think about if it is really necessary to have alarm clocks in every room.
  • Turn computers and printers completely off to save energy in the office. Then, cut the power to the cord to keep the device from burning electricity internally.
  • Keep cell phone cords unplugged from the wall to keep them from burning power while plugged in.
  • Combine Internet and phone services through a bundle, such as those available through Verizon’s FiOS Internet services. Instead of having Internet through one provider and phone through another service, you can get both through one provider who’ll give you one device to be plugged in.

Everyone wants to save money, and helping the environment is another bonus. Try unplugging your devices to see how much you can save your family a year.

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