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The Ceiling Fan Has Been Changed

For about 150 years, the ceiling fan has really not changed.

Yes, the fan blades have had some changes made but not the whole fan. I am about to show you a new bladeless fan that will utilize vortex airflow. This invention will actually move the air in a room to all corners thus creating a ambient temperature.


The inventor, Nik Hilner, with help from Richard Halsall, has created the Exhale Fan.

The Exhale fan is comprised of what looks like 8 flat discs along with a motor that is virtually silent. Once you plug it in, it takes the air and moves it out and down the walls. Then once the air has made the rounds, then it is sucked back up into the fan to run its course again.

The fan comes with a wireless remote that has 6 speed settings. The fans come in multiple colors such as blue, white, ivory, pink, lavender, grey and black.

The one advantage that I like about this fan is that it hugs the ceiling. For those of you that are tall, you can attest to the fact of having to duck in order not be hit by the blades or the light fixtures in some homes.

They have started production on the fans in Taiwan and have a schedule of 9/30/13 for the container to start its sea trip. That trip usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.

Should you want to place an order for these babies, they have a pre-order site where you can buy them and have them ship to you home and/or business.

You may think they are a little pricey at $600.00 each but once you install it, it may save you more money within a year.

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  1. Jane Says:

    I’m irritated that they have not ‘contact’ button. I have questions,

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