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MiniSting: Memory Earth Resistivity and IP Meter

Ever wonder what is under the dirt around your home? The MiniSting is just the instrument you need.

ground seeker

After you get your equipment, it is best to settle on a good AIG resistivity method that you can use to make your images. You need to have a method that is well-planned, that you know has worked in the past. When used correctly, this equipment can tell you quite a lot about all of the things that lie underground, but working haphazardly or making mistakes can easily ruin your results.

Generally speaking, you are probably going to be using a two-pronged device that is connected to a long pole. To use the device, you have to insert it into the ground. It then takes the readings based on the electrical impulses that it gives off and the resistance that they meet as they travel through the soil.

To use it correctly, you need to begin things by laying out a grid that has been clearly marked on the ground. You can make it with pegs, with strings, or in any other way that you choose as long as there is no confusion about where it is located. You then have to walk through the different squares in the grid. As you walk, you want to push the twin-pronged end of the device into the ground. Make sure that you do it at regular intervals; they do not have to be exactly the same amount of inches apart, but they should be close. Proceed slowly through the grid in this manner, taking it one square at a time, to make the image.

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