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Haiti Builds A Solar Powered Hospital

This nation is constantly in the line of fire from hurricanes along with trying to keep power running.

hospital in haiti

Currently, electricity tends to disappear for approximately 3 hours daily. This causes angst in a hospital for a variety of departments. Such as neonatal and surgery.

So the University Hospital and its partners decided to look at alternatives.

Stretched across the roof of the new 200,000-square-foot hospital is a vast and meticulously arranged array of 1,800 solar panels.

Not only does it power the hospital, the excess is pumped into the grid giving a much needed boost to the rest of the nation.

Being in tropical climate, the panels tend to get dirty. So, once a quarter, to maintain the ultimate gathering of the sun, they rinse the panels off. Pretty simple.

To ensure that the solar panels did not get too much sun, they painted the roof white to help reflect the heat into the panels as well as placing the panels 1 foot above the roof.

The hospital created over 800 jobs for the locals.

Haitians not only have a hospital they can be proud of but also, do not have to leave the island to get good medical care.

Kudos to PIH and the University Hospital for a job well done.

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