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Save Gas and the Earth: Switch to a Motorcycle for a Greener Commute

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Florida is a beautiful state, but an insidious threat lurks beneath our sunny skies: greenhouse gases. The biggest source of these gases is the combustion of fossil fuels, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Combustion from cars and other vehicles makes up a vast portion of this amount.

If you think you need to drive a car or truck to commute to work, think again. In warm states like Florida, motorcycles are a viable and eco-friendly alternative. They’re more fuel-efficient than cars, which saves you money on gas and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. This makes them ideal for people who are looking for a green and affordable way to get to work, especially if public transit isn’t good in your area.

Things to Consider

  • To begin with, what type of bike should you get? While the big Harleys are alluring, the large models aren’t that more efficient than a compact automobile. According to The Dollar Stretcher, those looking for a fuel-efficient motorcycle should be prepared to give up some power and weight in exchange for its eco- and budget-friendly values.
  • The upfront costs are another aspect of getting started. Along with the machine itself, you’ll need the proper clothing, insurance and possibly a motorcycle training course. While the cost of these things can add up, they are generally cheaper than buying a car, if you choose a modest bike.
  • The South Florida rains are another consideration. Sudden, daily torrential cloudbursts are a signature feature in South Florida, especially from late spring to early fall. You’ll want to invest in excellent rain gear and good tires. Make sure your helmet protects your eyes from the rain and apply Rain-X to the visor to maintain good visibility.

Is a Motorcycle Practical for Commuting?

Yes. Motorcycle fans have devised ways to handle every practical consideration of using a bike for getting to work and back. You can use a backpack or but specialized motorcycle accessories from BikeBandit that make it easy to carry laptops, briefcases, lunches and other work-related items. If you’re worried about ruining your work clothes, take a tip from experienced city commuters and bring your fancy clothes with you in your bike’s luggage, and wear a weatherproof outfit for the actual ride.

To pack clothes so they don’t wrinkle, the travel experts at Fodor’s suggest you roll your T-shirts and use a square-fold for dress shirts. If you put your clothing into plastic dry-cleaning bags inside your luggage, you’ll reduce friction and, therefore, wrinkles.

What About the Radio?

You don’t have to give up this pleasure when you hop on a motorcycle. Some models have excellent entertainment systems, and you can purchase a helmet that comes with a radio built in.

With all of the benefits of motorcycles, there’s really no reason to stick to an emission-spewing automobile. 

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