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Making Your Home Energy Efficient – More Incentives

energy efficiencyA number of Americans are looking for ways to reduce their consumption of energy. The reason for this is largely economical while others are seeing this as an environmental initiative. Either way, now is the right time to adjust your home the green way. Not only is it affordable, but also doable on a domestic scale. With summer starting, you wouldn’t want your electricity bill to be on the higher side.

Often, people think it is only the big coastal cities that care about going green–California and New York. But that’s not true, all states and cities are equally on board for this task.  The idea is to take small steps that combined will create big change. I once talked to a community organizer in Louisville, KY, who told me the citizens there are some of the greenest folk in the country.

You can start simply by taking a large, seasonal tool or object and put it in storage. Repeated often, the result of this will be a much cleaner home, which is the initial step for making an efficient home. The less messy it is, the less time and energy you spend cleaning it. Furthermore, more space allows you more creative control over the aesthetic appeal of the home.

One of the important trends that have been seen in recent times is the fact that despite opting for green measures every year, the electricity bills do not seem to go down as per the expectation. The reason for this is that the prices of oil also affect the cost of generating electricity. Consider the fact that the US households last year spent $230 billion on energy.

Despite the high cost generation of energy, the domestic setup can save $40 billion for US by going green. One deployment that is quite appreciable is the incentives in Pennsylvania.

EnergyWorks program is an initiative which started in 2010 with the promise of working on the economics of going green on domestic level. One of its incentives is for financing these ventures. In the beginning of April, they launched the air conditioning and window financing program for affordable green homes.

All EnergyWorks program envisages reducing energy consumption by 40% and energy efficiency by at least 25%. The idea is to allow people who cannot afford green appliances low finance schemes. In addition, there’s an example of the geothermal project, which was recently launched in Nevada.

The U.S Department of Energy is offering Keystone Home Energy Loans on flexible terms to improve the state of energy efficiency across the region. The EnergyWorks program allows energy audits for homes followed by recommendations.

While the going green venture is being supported by incentives, another benefit is that it’s going to increase the resale value of the house. This thing would add value to the home and therefore, pay more.

An interesting study done by the University of North Carolina indicated that the mortgage default for energy efficient homes is markedly lower. The study also indicates that the loans taken for energy efficient residences had a good return on investment. It also equipped the home owners to improve the resale cost.

As a homeowner, you can contact EnergyWorks for a free independent analysis of the state of the energy efficiency in your home. Following the suggestions, you can work out the feasibility.

Using such measures, it is possible to reduce your energy bills by a large fraction. With the increasing real estate cost as well as rising prices of commodities, going green is still affordable. Even the loans are a worthwhile investment since they are going to payback in high terms. You can also look at green home improvement projects for the season. 

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