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Bladeless Wind Turbine

wind power

There are more and more inventions for wind generated electricitiy to be fed to the grid on the horizon. Many inventors are taking into consideration the birds, wild life and of course the flickering shadows caused by the regular wind turbines.

There are new wind turbines that have been enclosed to a certain extent to keep the birds from hitting them but none have been as different as this one.

Dutch researchers have developed the EWICON, a bladeless windmill with no moving parts that produces electricity by pushing charged water droplets into the wind.

The current design of the EWICON consists of a steel frame holding a series of insulated tubes arranged horizontally. Each tube contains several electrodes and nozzles, which continually release positively-charged water particles into the air. As the particles are blown away, the voltage of the device changes and creates an electric field, which can be transferred to the grid for everyday use.

The EWICON was designed by architecture firm Mecanoo using technology developed by Delft Technical University researchers Johan Smit and Dhiradj Djairam. The video below demonstrates how the EWICON works.

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