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Another Step In The LED Bulb

Cree introduces an LED bulb that mimics the design and shape of traditional incandescent bulb to entice consumers to try LEDs.

Like most companies in the lighting industry, Cree has been working on improving the LED bulbs to get the consumers to buy.

Cree Light BulbsTheir latest version has been manufactured to look like the familiar incandescent bulb. With two major difference, it has a rubber coating to prevent shattering and has no mercury in it!

Instead of the filament residing inside the bulb, it has a tower of led bulbs at the top with the base being the filament.

The bulb is slated to last approximately 25,000 hours, or 15 to 20 years depending on how much it is used. However, the Cree bulb has a 10 year warranty.

For many of us, that seems economical, right? They can be purchased online from Home Depot between $9.97 to $13.97. There are 3 options to pick from. There is a 40 watt or two 60 watt bulbs. Each has a different color light. In fact, they should be available in all stores this month. It is disappointing that they have not given us the option of the 100 watt so that we can read.

From all indications, this bulb is pretty close to emitting the light we are used to with all 3 options. These bulbs can be used with dimmers whereas the previous versions could not.

So if you replace your bulbs with Cree bulbs in the most used lights/lamps in your home, you can save $61 per year.

Getting better every year. There will be more LED bulbs coming out for us to look at or buy. However, it is up to you to purchase the best option out there. Right now, Cree is on the right track and it is available now.

Let me know how it works out for you.

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  1. Eco-Friendly Lighting | Says:

    […] to humans, but it’s also extremely detrimental to the environment.  These new lights (like LEDs) will not have this problem and not only can they be disposed of in pretty much any fashion […]

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