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This IS A Very Interesting Motor Car

Remember-Playboy-Tucker and a few others. Note no right door !

Although technically classified as a motorcycle, startup company Elio Motors is hoping their three-wheeled creation ‘The Elio’ will strike a chord with car buyers. With just enough room for a driver and a single passenger in the back the little oddity is essentially an attempt to capitalize on the upsides of a motorcycle (fuel economy, low cost) with fewer of the downfalls (exposure to the elements, being splattered in the event of a crash).

The Elio retails for a mere $6,800 and features three airbags, power windows and air conditioning, two seats, a central driving position, front wheel drive, 60 mpg average, highway driving 84 mpg, anti-lock brakes, and a three-year 36,000-mile warranty. What’s more, a preliminary test gives the vehicle a 5-star safety rating.

The car can hit 107 mph and will come in eight colors.

The company is leasing an old General Motors Plant near Shreveport, LA along with some financial assistance from the state. They will hire approximately 1500 workers to start production in June, 2014.

Here is the Elio in action:

I wonder if the engine could be electric thus making it a little greener….

This vehicle will give the motorcycle giants some angst and competition. Mainly because with all of the options, it can still be registered as a motorcycle (less than 4 wheels) so that aspect will certainly be cheaper. However, you can drive this with your existing drivers license.

Let’s hope Mr. Paul Elios hits a home run!

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