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London Utilizes Trash Bins For News

Two-way News for City of London’s trash bins

news podsToday, many of us receive our news from newspapers, the web, television, phones and now, the English have figured out a way to do it on trash bins.

Renew, a company co-founded in 2002 by chief executive Kaveh Memari, has developed a newspaper recycling bin which doubles as an open-air information screen. It has placed nearly 100 of the hi-tech bins around the City of London under a 21-year contract with the authority.

It’s made out of fiber glass, which is the same thing that your surfboard is made from, but underneath is very toughened material so there’s toughened glass that sits at either end of it and there’s a super strong structure in the center of it, which is four times stronger than steel, and that’s been designed to withstand extreme pressures.

During the five-year design and testing period, prototypes with steel casing were blown up in the New Mexico desert.

The plastic surround is made from recycled materials and has an LCD screen on which news, weather and sports reports can be shown.

The pods can receive feeds within 3 minutes of being advised of a breaking news event. It is Wi-Fi ready so pretty much anything can be feed to the screens.

It is not just a place to put your trash. They have separated areas for paper and cans.

The cost for one pod is 20218.50 US Dollars plus 20218.50 US Dollars for installation/maintenance.

I like the design however, I cannot find out how it is powered. So am I to assume that it has a battery of some type in it? Is it solar powered? Does anyone know?

In the meantime, they are really hitting the advertising agencies for any promotional campaigns they might want to get going on the pods. Including news agencies, charities, sports media, etc.

Renew is currently looking to spread these pods elsewhere in the world. They currently have one on Wall street and is trying to get 100 more pods throughout the city.

Of course, it does not stop there, Renew is looking at Hong Kong and Singapore.

So, if you are out and about without your phone or ipad, try stopping by one of these and get caught up.

Would you like to see these in your city?

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2 Responses to “London Utilizes Trash Bins For News”

  1. bonooobong Says:

    Ok, call me weird but I don’t get it. 2 x 20.000 $ for a trash-bin with built-in LCD-screens?! And it displays only new, weather and sport?! In the 21st century?! With a 21year contract in London? There are already some public open-air info-points with some wifi-connection to mobile devices, for example, you can download an app or map of the park you can walk into, the timetable of the buses or just buy a printed ticket with your phone. Renew’s concept of a recycled one is green and sustainable, but I won’t call it high-tech. Excuse me.
    bonooobong recently posted…Nemeuklideszi geometriák 3D nyomtatásaMy Profile

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Bonooobong…. I can understand your confusion. However, take a walk on the wild side for a short time. Why not utilize what is already in place? High tech, low tech is just another way to inform the masses who may not have technology at their fingertips.

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