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The Vanishing Blog Is Back!

hard driveFor all of you that follow Forced Green, we have been off the air since Saturday!

Nothing like having a hardware failure on your host server and then having a war on software issues.

I could go into the gory details of what has occurred but is it worth the read? I think NOT. Mainly cause the site is back up.

All I can say is if you are not backing up your site, you/I would be gnashing teeth, cussing a blue streak and pulling every strand of hair we have left out of our head. 😀

I did not lose too much. I will be rebuilding about 6 posts which will take some time. My hope is that I get it right and get back on track.

So, I am grateful that I only lost 6 posts and having a decent backup. I also had some valuable assistance from Theresa at Should you ever need help, advertising or want to join our group, you should mosey on over and check her out.

In any case, we are glad to be back and will soon be totally healthy! In the meantime, please do yourself a favor and do an export of your site and have it handy for just in case.

I am glad I did!

3 Responses to “The Vanishing Blog Is Back!”

  1. Theresa Says:

    You are sooooo sweet Linda! Thank you for your patience during a very trying time.

    And listen to Linda folks! Backup right now. Don’t wait. Stop what you’re doing and get it done 🙂
    Theresa recently posted…How to Use Screenshots to Your Do I Buy AdvantageMy Profile

  2. Brad Says:

    Hey Linda!

    Glad to see everything’s up and motoring along for you.

    Without question, Theresa Cahill is: Customer Service!

  3. Linda Says:

    You bet your sweet bippy! Thanks and I know you are on your way to being restored as well! 😀

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