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The Most Poplular Sand Box

NASA bloom boxesA while ago, the venture capital firms of Kleiner and NEA in Silicon Valley, picked up on a up and coming company of Bloom Energy. It was their first venture into clean energy technology field.

Today, Bloom Energy makes clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world. Their first development was for the Mars Program for NASA. Now, it can be said, their unique on-site power generation systems are the most efficient on the planet. Their systems provide a new class of stationary fuel cells.

Bloom Energy makes solid oxide fuel cells, which are assembled by the thousands into an energy server or Bloom box. The parking space-size Bloom box converts fuel like natural gas or biogas into electricity.

Now, with many companies utilizing the Bloom Boxes, the company looks to become more profitable this year.

It looks like EBay will use the Bloom boxes to power its Utah Data Center, the IDataCenter will use the landfill powered bloom boxes, AT&T has requested more boxes to power their Data Centers and Google who was one of the original testers, has ordered more boxes. Apple will use the biogas fuel cells to sell power generated to Duke Energy.

With that said, when is Bloom Energy going to take the boxes to the next level? The homeowner really could use these boxes as back-up generators. This would protect them from fluctuating energy prices and in natural disasters.

There are many homeowners who really want this product. It was announced a couple years ago, that they were developing a product that would run about $3000 to a homeowner. There still is no word on when that will be available.

Imagine if these boxes were available today, these boxes could be generating electricity to areas that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy or to the tornado that hit Joplin or providing additional heat for the folks that are in the middle of the ravages of winter.

I was just wondering. Is Bloom Energy coming close to announcing that a box will be available for the homeowner soon?

Only time will tell. I am sure with all of their new orders that this is the last thing on their agenda. However, they could really explode their earnings should they decide to think outside the commercial arena.

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