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How Are We Saving Money and Energy?

money and energyThe environment has become a major topic of discussion in recent years. Political leaders such as Al Gore have brought environmental activism to the forefront of the public’s awareness. Many companies have started to use green methods to conduct their business in an effort to protect the environment. Lets take a look at some of those methods:

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles make the claim that they are the NFL’s greenest team. The cleaning crew at their stadium is instructed to separate recyclable items from regular trash after every game.

General Mills

Hamburger Helper is not only helping your hamburger, it is helping to save the planet. General Mills has redesigned the packaging, eliminating 20% of the box while keeping the same amount of contents inside. This means there will be 500 less delivery trucks needed to distribute this product.

General Electric

G.E. has developed a line of Evolution locomotives. These diesel engines were introduced in 2005. They are capable of cutting emissions by 40% and fuel consumption by 5% compared to locomotives from the previous year. They are currently working on a hybrid diesel-electric locomotive that will improve mileage by another 10%. It captures energy from braking, similar to a Toyota Prius. G.E. estimates that 160 homes could be powered for one year using the amount of energy dissipated from braking a 210-ton locomotive during the same period of time.


The store giant we all call Wal-Mart has millions of square footage of climate controlled space across the united states and the world. Part of running Wal-Mart is making sure that all that space is at a constant temperature. They don’t want their stores to be 50 degrees in the winter and 90 in the summer. Think about how much money Wal-Mart needs to spend on climate control alone for their massive stores. In order to not be wasteful Wal-Mart needs to look to technology like an effective condensate system for each store. Finding ways to reduce money on heating and cooling is helping Wal-Mart go green and save millions in the process.


Ford has developed technology that enables three coats of paint to be applied to vehicles at one time. There is no longer the need to use drying machines between coats of paint. These machines were expensive and used a large amount of energy.


The cost of cooling and powering data centers for major computer companies is now greater than the servers themselves. This has caused IBM to introduce Project Big Green. This project is an effort to double the efficiency of servers. Currently, the servers only operate at 30% capacity. It has the potential to save clients as much as 35% on power costs.

There is seemingly no end to the innovations that companies are creating to help save the planet. These ideas will save consumers money and ensure that our children have a clean planet in the future.


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