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Glow In The Dark Paint To Cover Dutch Roads!

The Dutch will be the first to have their highways re-painted a glow-in-the-dark road markings which will be charged during the day. The charge will last up to 10 hours. The paint will also be temperature responsive which will indicate slippery roads when the temperature dips below zero. Snowflakes will appear as the warning. There will be lighting along the highway that will light up as cars approach. The draft that is produced by cars going down the road will illuminate wind lights that look like propellers.

The firm of Studio Roosegaarde in cooperation with Heijmans won the Best Future Concept at the Dutch Design Awards for this innovative idea.

In an effort to take the existing roads and re-do them in a creative but cost efficient way, thus creates a sustainable way of doing business.

There are many cities that are trying to cut electrical costs of electricity for road lighting by just shutting them down. This paint will certainly assist the drivers in seeing the road at night with much more clarity.

Roosegaarde will implement their pilot installation in the province of Brabant, Netherlands, in mid-2013. They will also place induction lanes for electric vehicles. The lane will have special coils embedded beneath the surface. This will charge the cars as they travel down the highway. Pretty neat!

Other countries that are looking at this project are India, The UK and possibly Google for their West Coast Facility. India likes it due to the blackouts they have. The UK likes it due to it could improve the cost savings they have already accomplished by shutting down their highway lights. This method has save them £400,000 in 2011.

Should Roosegaarde and Heijmans pilot be successful as imagined, I would suspect that this will be the future for roadways all around the world. The cost of the paint has yet to be announced but I would hope that the powder that is mixed into the paint is not that expensive.

The next question would be, how long would it last? Well, we will find out after a couple of years of wear and tear.

In the meantime, please view the video below to see how it would work!

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4 Responses to “Glow In The Dark Paint To Cover Dutch Roads!”

  1. Penny Whiteman Says:

    I wonder which substance they will be using. The best option in my opinion is europium doped strontium aluminate, because it is biologically inert and has the longest glowing time of all phosphors (up to 24 hours).

    There are also many other options: list of phospors.
    Penny Whiteman recently posted…Reflective paint makes things visible in the darkMy Profile

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Penny … I believe that they created their own glow in the dark paint. Good try on the guess. 😀

  3. Garcia Trinity Says:

    I don’t understand the need for those little electric generator pinwheels or the need for street lights when cars already have lights that shine on where they drive.I’m also not crazy about the road illuminating with the snowflakes. There is far too much light blasted out into the atmosphere without thinking of new ways of throwing MORE light out into the atmosphere. We need to decrease light output not increase it. I would rather see the technology embedded in the road and information transmitted to the automotive systems in automobiles than just blasting light everywhere.

  4. Natalie Diffusion Says:

    This is definitely an innovative way to light the roadways with less expenses. This will be great teach for developing countries like India where still not much of the roadway have lights yet. It is not exactly clear how much effective this techniques is but if it will be successful then it will be an amazing innovation to see.

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