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Many Animals Did Not Make It Due To Isaac.

There Is A Foul Smell On The Beaches Of Mississippi!

Not only did Hurricane Isaac create havoc upon the upper Gulf Coast, it really was a bad event for animals. Especially for the rodents called Nutria that washed up on the beaches of Mississippi. It has created such a foul smell that clean up has been going on as fast as possible.

Why? Well, they have an event called ‘Cruisin’ The Coast’ the second week of October with 30,000 to 40,000 people on the beach, and they didn’t want to wait to clean up

Currently, 16,000 have been collected which is about 16 tons of rats. Workers are using pitch forks and shovels then take it to the local landfills.

With all of the tidal surge and 20 inches of rain, the rats just could not swim out of it. In addition to the rats, workers also found dead hogs, deer, coyotes, snakes and rabbits on the beaches.

The odor is so intense, that it can be smelled up to 3 miles away. Not that this is the first instance of this occurring. Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav also created this same situation but not as bad.

There have been many rescues of animals that have been sighted on front porches of homes and many other places. All in all, it is just a bad situation.

My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected by Hurricane Isaac.

Believe it or not, but the remnants of Isaac may come back to haunt those already suffering from his doings. It is now drifting out into the gulf and may come alive again. My hope is that it just fizzles out and let folks try and salvage whatever they can.

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