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Kickstarter’s Newest Project

LIFX Led Light Bulb For The Future

The Kickstarter project team have designed an led light bulb called LIFX. Leds are the wave of the future in lighting. They are the BEST alternative to the incandescent bulbs when it comes to saving energy. Why? Well, it will only use 1/10th of the energy the standard household bulb does. It also reduces the impact on the environment as well as your electric bill. They last up to 25 years or 40,000 hours. Three types of bulbs are available: Bayonet cap, Edison Screw, and Downlight.

They have created an app that when you install the bulb, turn on the switch, you can control every aspect of the bulb from your smartphone. The app will guide you through a process to set up how you want the bulbs to act. Should you decide to redo your whole home, you can connect LIFX master bulb to your router and all of the slave LIFX bulbs will be automatically configured. Or each smartbulb can be controlled individually.

● Install by just swapping your bulbs
● Control every light from your phone
● Any bulb, any color
● Sunrise, Sunset feature lets your rise or drift asleep with naturally increasing or dimming lights
● Automatic on and off
● Visualize your Music: mood lighting that matches the beat
● Existing switches still work

LIFX Smartbulbs have been designed and prototyped in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, USA and we plan to manufacture via a trusted partner with operations in based in Melbourne and Shenzhen. Pricing is not available at the moment but should you want to assist in the funding of the project, go to Kickstarter.

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  1. Jack Says:

    Pricing will be very important. Not to mention how durable the bulbs are. While the bulbs ma last 25 years, we have a tendency to break a few bulbs in our house. Lamps get knocked over quite a bit and if bulbs are $20, they just can’t be bought.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Jack…. I am sure they are working on a good price. But with any new technology it is a guess right now. 😀

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