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Do You have A Pimped Out Aquarium?

An ‘Art Aquarium’ in Tokyo has over 5,000 goldfish swimming through a myriad of brightly lit and weirdly-shaped tanks.

I have always like aquariums and now they have figured out how to pimp them out. Amazing stuff!

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3 Responses to “Do You have A Pimped Out Aquarium?”

  1. Goddess Says:

    It might be kind of cool to look at, but it’s horribly cruel overstocking and terrible conditions for the fish. Even if it is sufficiently filtered to keep the water quality up, it’s horrendous living conditions.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Goddess …. That may be true however, I believe he is very aware of the conditions he has set up.

  3. Hudspeth Dossett Says:

    This is a magnificent blog! An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

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