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Use Clean Alternatives to Bottled Water for a Greener Household

3 Types Of Filters For Your Home.

The desire for clean, pure water is a basic human need – one which drives the billion dollar bottled water industry. With the public becoming increasingly aware of the environmental damage that drinking bottled water is causing, there has been a high demand for clean alternatives for home use. Some communities, such as Rockland, Maryland, are even considering banning bottled water completely.

One factor that has helped influence this is the rise of home filters. These transform your plain tap water into a fountain of freshness, providing a valuable alternative to bottled water. If you are not convinced that it’s necessary to start looking for home filtration systems, it’s a good idea to examine the cost of bottled water.

Nearly half of all bottled water originates from municipal water sources in the United States, yet it costs 500 times as much as tap water that comes from the same source. The high price associated with this industry also includes plastic’s environmental impact. It takes approximately 1000 years for each plastic bottle to biodegrade, with millions tossed into landfills each day. In addition, a large amount of oil is used for every bottle’s production and distribution.

There are now a number of choices that you can make when it comes to providing clean, pure water for your home – without the environmental damage. This is an easy and cost-effective way to make your home a little greener.

1. Home Water Coolers – One of today’s top choices is a filter that attaches directly to your water mains. These automatically filter your water, and can also act as an instant boiling water tap.

2. Pitcher Filters – If you’re on a budget you can invest in a filter jug that can be refilled with water and left in your refrigerator. Another benefit of choosing this option is that it is portable, so you can have distilled water on the go.

3. Faucet Filters – This option is similar to a home water cooler system, because it attaches directly to your sink for clean water on demand. You must change the filters more frequently, however.

With a wealth of options on the market, there’s no reason not to enjoy fresh filtered water from your own home without the wasteful impact of using plastic bottles.

Guest Post by Robbie Reddy.

I think this little product is pretty cool.  Just give it a gander and make your puchase soon!

…. as the green future unfolds.

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2 Responses to “Use Clean Alternatives to Bottled Water for a Greener Household”

  1. Karen @ Pledging for Change Says:

    it makes much more sense to stop buying bottled water and invest in a quality water filter, no matter which style or model you choose to use.

    The only thing you need to think about is make sure you also buy a quality reusable water bottle. No poin having a cheap one that has harmful chemicals form the plastic seeping into your water. Also this would tase horrible and rather defeat the object of your lovely filtered water.

  2. gottabgreen Says:

    Thx for the post. Makes somuch sense it’s scary right? So why are so many people buying bottled water? Plastic is over running our planet- the bottles should go away. A good alternative is the filters for home and non plastic bottles… many safe alternatives are available. Visit GottaBGreen.

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