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Reducing The Landfill of Plastic Waste Through Design

New Recycling Concept Idea

If you had the chance to recycle 300 pounds of plastic waste, would you?

Project Recycling is a new recycling concept that combines fashion, the internet, and plastic recycling together to help reduce the landfill of plastic waste in the United States. Meet Andrew Cheng and this is his way of making a difference.

What is Project Recycling? First, it’s a t-shirt brand that offers sustainable t-shirts made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled PET plastic, the same type that water bottles are made from. By weight, there are approximately three 20oz water bottles in each t-shirt he sells!

To raise awareness for recycling, each t-shirt is designed using a recycling fact as the theme. For example, their first t-shirt’s theme is “500 billion pounds,” which is the amount of waste Americans produce each year. Their shirts are meant to be educational, present a bold statement; yet casual enough for normal wear.

Second, Project Recycling is a post-industrial plastic recycling company. It’s a weird combination, however, it’s innovation that makes this a great idea. The proceeds from t-shirt sales are funneled back into setting up recycling programs for manufacturers throughout the country. To enlighten yourself even more, go to Project Recycling to see how the project is proceeding.

To get each recycling project started, funds are needed to purchase necessary equipment such as storage containers, trailers, compactors, bailers, and more. We educate the staff of each project about which materials are recyclable and how to efficiently pre-sort the goods before being packaged. We then designate a processing plant to further process the waste into usable raw materials. Once the recycling routine is setup, the cost to keep the program running is minimal.

To get the project started, they will need to sell 1,000 t-shirts. The proceeds will help them purchase two bailers on two separate locations including installation fees, two large trailers to load the packaged goods, plus other packaging materials such as gaylord boxes. Once they fund the initial start-up, the program would only require the sale of 500 t-shirts per month to maintain.

So, are you interested in assisting Andrew with his project?

Recycling ….. as the green future unfolds.

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