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One Of A Kind BBQ Pit in The Carnary Islands !

The Canary Islands Has A Restaurant That Takes Cooking To A Whole New Level.

The El Diablo chefs have decided to go outside of the box and cook their culinary dishes utilizing earth’s natural heat.

They created El Diablo restaurant in 1970 in the Timanfaya National Park on a summit in the Fire Mountains located on the island of Lanzarote.

The Timanfaya Volcano, which is still active, is the base for this BBQ pit. In order to build the restaurant in the park, which is entirely made up of volcanic soil, they had to add nine layers of basalt rock to create the base.

David Stares / Alamy

David Stares / Alamy

The volcano has not erupted since 1824 and the designers had to come up with something different as to not destroy the beauty of the park. They are not utilizing fire, electricity and/or natural gas.

They left part of it open to utilize the heat.

The restaurant has a circular floor with glass walls that illuminate the interior and act as a kind of viewpoint looking out over the volcanic landscape.

Now you can watch as the semi-dormant volcano’s internal heat chars your meaty kebabs on a grill laid flat across a cavernous black pit that reaches into the ground.

Looks like a trip over to the Canary Islands is a must to see this sustainable BBQ pit. Let us know if you have visited El Diablo and how the food was.

….. as the green future unfolds.


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