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Unigue Wind Turbine

Homemade Wind Turbine

Should you need a quick way of getting a wind turbine up and running, watch below. Ingenious way of recycling a ceiling fan. It could generate enough electricity to power up a light during a blackout.

This ceiling fan generator is working very well. It puts out good voltage with very little wind. As you can see by the trees and shrubs in the background, the breeze was very light. When a brisk wind would come up, the fan blades would really kick in. Could easily do 12+ volts in a good steady wind of 5-10 MPH.

What do you think? Do you believe you could put one together and figure out what could be powered up via this turbine?

Wind … as the green future unfolds.

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4 Responses to “Unigue Wind Turbine”

  1. Cesar Arzayus Says:

    Really a nice and informative post. The video will be helpful in developing our own wind turbine. Thanks a lot.
    electric repair houston

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Casar … a sure fire way to get a start on getting off the grid.

  3. Hillary Says:

    That is certainly interesting. I doubt I would go about it that way, but in life there are many ways to get to the same conclusion

  4. Removal Company Says:

    I am sure that this turbine is really great, but I am not sure if I can really do all this work…

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