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A Series Called Earth: The Operators Manual

ETOM, Short for Earth: The Operators Manual



Sunday, April 22, 2012 is Earth Day. Why not view the latest PBS series called ETOM? Since every car, phone, appliance, etc. has a manual, NOW so does Mother Earth. PBS will re-run its original showing (look for your channel’s time) and will premiere two specials, POWERING THE PLANET and ENERGY QUEST USA.

“EARTH: The Operators’ Manual” (“ETOM” for short) is a rigorously researched, beautifully filmed and ultimately uplifting antidote to the widespread “doom and gloom” approach to climate change. The program opens with a thorough grounding in Earth’s climate history and an overview of the current dilemmas, but its main thrust is an upbeat assessment of our many viable sustainable energy options.

The program’s host and author of the companion book, Richard Alley, is a geology professor at Penn State, member of the National Academy of Sciences, and a communicator once called “the Woody Allen of climate change” will lead you throughout the one hour adventure.

Photo by ART HOWARD.

Photo by ART HOWARD.

Earth’s problems and possibilities that will leave you informed, energized and optimistic. POWERING THE PLANET offers case studies of nations such as Brazil, China and Denmark that have begin the transition away from fossil fuel, and ENERGY QUEST USA showcases positive steps being taken in five very different U.S. communities: Alaska, Kansas, Fort Worth (Texas), Baltimore (Maryland) and Portland (Oregon.)

Then it’s on to locations where developments in sustainable energy are already proving it’s possible to do things differently. A solar power plant near Seville, Spain, will soon provide electricity to 200,000 homes – promising news for the sunniest place in the world, the deserts of the U.S. Southwest, where solar energy could account for 80% of Earth’s current use. On the North Island of New Zealand, a geothermal generating station is a reliable source of carbon-free energy. And much more.

The program is available for teachers to download and use in class for one year after the PBS premiere.

So take the time to view these programs to learn about options as well as how other countries are improving their reliance on alternate fuels that are NOT utilizing fossil fuels.

Have a Happy Earth Day!

ETOM …. as the green future unfolds.

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2 Responses to “A Series Called Earth: The Operators Manual”

  1. Karen @ Pledging for Change Says:

    I’m still watching the film via your link and put it on pause to come back here to comment. It’s a great film, and Ive just sat up in amazement with the tents with solar panels built into the fabric.( currently being tested by the military) Did you see that bit?

    On with the show… everyone must see this film

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Karen … Yes, it is unbelievable what they have coming up. Much more to come.

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