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It Is That Daylight Savings Time Again!

Nothing Like Losing 1 Hour For Daylight Savings Time Change!

It is time for the annual shift to daylight saving time. Being it is March, it is the spring forward concept of losing 1 hour of sleep of which we will regain again later this year. But do we?

Many of us will take weeks to acclimate to this yearly event. Many workers will feel off kilter until the body finally joins in and levels out to the added sunlight at the end of the day.

Researchers have found that human beings just have a hard time adjusting to this. Humans are tired and may be even cranky. On one hand, the extra daylight gives the farmer more time to farm the acreage. However, does it help in the energy sector? NO! This really needs to be looked at seriously. The summertime means much more energy for air conditioning in the hotter states.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about daylight savings time. Alaska is trying to stop due to the summer to winter change is extreme for them at their northerly latitude. Florida is looking to abolish it due to the same reason as Arizona, cooling is longer due to their southerly latitude. Indiana has only the western part of the state utilizing daylight savings time. Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands do not participate either.

So, do not forget to turn your clocks forward 1 hour on Sunday. Thank goodness the computers will do the time change for ya! That includes your phones too! 😀

Daylight Savings Time ….as the green future unfolds.

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12 Responses to “It Is That Daylight Savings Time Again!”

  1. Vera Says:

    We don’t have DST in the Philippines, but I work in a BPO with US clients so we adjust our schedules when the US turns their clocks back or forward. It means getting up an hour earlier for me.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Vera … I bet you are happy that the Philippines does not convert. However, if your work adjusts then you are in it for the long haul.

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  4. Lissof_Leuf Says:

    Try following the time zones and time shifts(solar time vs. UTC time) with political change in Russia, It makes our system sweet.

    Now if I could get the civil engineers to layout our road system NW to SE, NE to SW,,,, I would not have to drive to and from work with the sun in my eyes, as I do with the N to S , E to W layout we currently have. 🙂

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … LOL! That big bright spot in the sky does seem to bother the eyeballs a tad bit! 😀

  6. Theresa Cahill Says:

    Strangely, I seem to function better when it is daylight savings. I haven’t a clue why because it is not “natural.” But it works for me 🙂

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa … You are the first person I have ever met that has a body that agrees with this… Hmmmmm!!! 😀

  8. France Property Says:

    You’re spot on with that post.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi France … Thanks and come back again! 😀

  10. Hillary Says:

    The time change is hard for me as well. It is interesting that some states don’t participate, It has got to be hard to figure out the time if your one that has to travel a lot.

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Hillary … I am so glad that I do not have to travel during this time. Not sure I could catch up on sleep or not…. 😀

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