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Does Your Car Need A Charge?

Electric Highway Is Now Open.

Photo by AP

Photo by AP

An electric car fast-charging station stands ready Friday, March 16, 2011 off Interstate 5 in Central Point, Ore. The Oregon Department of Transportation opened the first 160-mile section of an Electric Highway that will ultimately allow electric cars to travel from Canada to Mexico along the nation’s second-busiest interstate. They are 8 stations spaced out to every 25 miles and are available 24 x 7.

Each station is equipped with fast and medium speed chargers to recharge a car in about 20 minutes.

It does not matter whether you have a Nissan Leaf, a Ford Focus, a Chevy Volt or a Tesla, these electric stations will/are now part of the landscape so that folks can take longer trips than just to work.

I thought I would never be writing about this coming true so soon. But here we are, Oregon is leading the way of getting their state through the green ceiling with the start of these stations along a major highway.



I cannot tell you what kind of load it adds to their electrical grid but I can tell you that the charge is free for now.

Right now, the electrical stations go from the Oregon city of Cottage Grove south to the California Border. The electric stations are located in gas stations, restaurants and motels just of Highway 5.

If you live in that part of the country, Congrats to your adventure in driving whatever electric vehicle you own. You now can view that part of the state without spending money for the high priced gas!

These stations can be found via your smartphone or the software that are installed in the cars.

The reason Oregon is the leader in the nation with these electric stations is that they received a federal grant of $915,000.  Currently there are 1100 electric vehicles in the state.  They will continue to expand throughout the rest of the year including  to Portland.

Tennessee has the first electric highway, where Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurants installed a network of charging stations last year along interstates connecting Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga, a total of 425 miles.

Electric Stations … as the green future unfolds.

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2 Responses to “Does Your Car Need A Charge?”

  1. Ami "organizer do torebki" Says:

    Turning world motorization into electricity takes so much time, that Im afraid I won’t see it in my life.

  2. Hillary Says:

    that is awesome its the first step in hopefully a huge movement.

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