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Smog Eating Tile

The first of-its-kind product in sustainable concrete roofing tiles that reduces the formation of smog.

The revolutionary SMOG-EATING Tile can be installed on both new residential and commercial buildings, as well as re-roofing projects. The only concrete tile roofing solution in the U.S. that mitigates air pollution, SMOG-EATING Tile represents one means for builders and consumers alike to protect the environment. BoralPureā„¢ is the company that has created this unique product.

SMOG-EATING Tile contains a specially prepared catalyst embedded in the upper part of the tile body. When exposed to sunlight, the catalyst speeds up the oxidization process, resulting in reduced pollution. The photo catalytic properties in the SMOG-EATING Tile are long lasting and kind to the environment, with the added benefit of destroying organic substances that come into contact with the tile, such as algae and organic dirt. The dirt and algae are then rinsed off with the rain.

Granted, this product has been around since 2010 but the benefits are worth mentioning for your use. Are you interested?

Smog ….
as the green future unfolds.

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