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Tekon Stands Guard For Life!

Tekon, Environmentally friendly water based cleaner/polisher

Tekon has developed the first lifetime clean glass coating process for architectural applications and is specified by leading architects for major projects, exclusively.

Tekon advanced technology opens a new chapter in the maintenance cost, visibility, appearances and life of architectural glass products.

Protective treatment, Tekon , is applied to new or installed glass. This chemical process links oxygen with carbon in the porous surface, blocking hydrolysis, making it super hydrophobic and repellant. Water beads up and runs off like quicksilver.

Tekon consists of multiple co-polymers that prevent hard water, soap and other stains from adhering to the surface. Dirt rinses away leaving the glass sparkling clear and streak-less. Cleaning is far less frequent and much easier, without “harsh cleaners” of any kind.

Under a microscope, new glass is seen to be very rough and porous. Contaminates, oil, hard water deposits, finger prints, even dust cling to the surface. Water spotting can become permanently part of the glass.

Tekon transforms glass at the molecular level creating a highly hydrophobic smoother surface that is slick, impervious to moisture, thereby blocking corrosion and permanent spots.

TEKON bonds and seals to almost all hard surfaces such as:


Tekon products come in a variety of home kits: the Bath Kit, Countertop Kit, Stone Care Kit and Stainless Steel Kit.  They can be used on sliding glass doors, shower doors, kitchen counters, sinks and floors.

The product has been on the market for a while but there is no reason why it cannot be brought to your attention now. Especially if you can get rid of the harsh chemicals in your home when using Tekon.

Tekon …. as the green future unfolds.

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