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Go Green Without Spending A Penny

Easy ways to go green and help save the planet

1. Let your computer have a well-earned rest! If you are going to be away from your machine for over 20 minutes, make sure you leave it in sleep mode. It uses less electricity and is better for the computer.

2. Recycle, recycle, recycle! The government has been encouraging us for a few years now to make sure we put our cans and bottles into the household crates provided so they can be recycled. However, as it is not law many of us still throw them away with the rest of the rubbish. Come on guys, is it really that difficult to separate items into different containers? Why not make that extra effort today and try to remember that bottles and cans are not rubbish.

3. Try not to waste paper. Or, if you are a paper scruncher, make sure you at least recycle when finished with it. Every ton of recycled paper saves on average 17 trees and with the rainforests disappearing rapidly we all need to do our bit to save them. Don’t forget, this isn’t where it ends, when you buy paper continue being green and make sure you buy recycled!

4. Replace your bulbs with energy saving light bulbs and you are looking at saving around £55 over the course of the bulbs lifespan. It is a very cheap and easy way of saving money as lighting makes up around 8% of our household energy bills. It’s also a great way to help the planet!

5. Support local farmers or grow your own veg. Typically vegetables which end up in a supermarket have had a journey of hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles, before ending up on the shelves. All this traveling emits carbon emissions and leaves you with not so fresh produce!

6. Make sure you do full loads when using a dishwasher or washing machine. It can be very tempting when the dishes start to pile up, or you’re desperate to wash that favorite dress, to simply bung them in and get them clean. However, this results in doing far more loads in the long run and using more water. Hang fire until you can fill the appliances to capacity. It saves electricity too!

7. Another water saving tip, which has been drummed into us right from the beginning, is to ditch the baths and take short showers. They use up far less water and some will argue that they are far more hygienic.

8. What do you do when you receive the seemingly mountains of junk mail through the door? I bet you glance at each letter and then throw them away. Well, next time, take a few minutes out of your day, call the company and put a stop on your address. If we all did this the amount of paper saved would be quite dramatic.

9. Standby mode is not our friend! How many of us don’t turn off our electrical items completely when finished using them? Unfortunately most of us fall into this category and waste electricity left, right and center. By altering our habits we can make a real difference to our bills and carbon emissions.

10. One of the easiest ways to cut down on pollution is to reduce the amount of use our vehicles get. Many of the day to day journeys we make are actually only down the road and easily walkable. However, after years of jumping into our cars we have become so reliant on our gas-guzzlers we hardly go anywhere on foot these days. By walking the kids to school or cycling to the shops we can all help the planet and also increase the amount or exercise we are taking.

As this list shows, little changes to our day to day lives could make a massive difference to our future. Try to do one new ‘green’ thing every day and encourage your friends and family to do the same!
This is a guest post on behalf of Vroom Vroom Vroom.

Going Green … as the green future unfolds.

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  1. Peter Says:

    Thanks for sharing this article it’s really great to think about being green. I really like these tips some are very obvious but others I would never have think about like tip 8. Keep on the good work!

  2. Myrl Klugman Says:

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  3. solar installers uk Says:

    As much as I’m all for alternative energy – heck I built a website about it – I think that the fact that many countries signed up to kyoto are nowhere near meeting it is cause for concern.

  4. mysteries of ancient Egypt Says:

    I’m surprised by the information in this article I found it to be not just incredibly motivating however it also made me think. It is difficult now a days to find appropriate information to ones search, so I’m happy that I found this blog

  5. Simon Rentals Says:

    I think we should all consider our future and spare the resources we are provided with. It is all about responsibility and conscious.

  6. Grant Brookes Says:

    I agree with all of your above mentioned points, but i would say i really want more awareness regarding the 5th point that you have made. If we have little space we should try to grow our own vegetables, you don’t need to give them extra attention or care. just few things and you will get your own & fresh vegetables!

  7. Mobile app developers Says:

    Well, there are more ways to help pur planet without spending money like:
    1)take part in different clean-our-planet events that are organised in your city (usually they don’t want you to pay anything)
    2) use rechargable batteries (it will be even better if they use alternative energy sources)
    3) you can grow some vegetables and fruits by yourself
    and more and more and more…

  8. Aletha@Replica watches Says:

    everything you wrote is so right…well, I think everybody knows these rules…the big problem is that the majority do not follow and do not attach special significance to them…

  9. Theresa Says:

    We recycle, but I am guilty of wasting electricity on the computer. Time to use the sleep mode 🙂 Thanks for the reminder(s)!

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