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Australia’s Water Tube™

Water Tube™ Saves Water and Plants

Water Tube™ at work in Tropical Queensland

Water Tube™ at work in Tropical Queensland

This is a pretty cool product that has been around since 2000 but I thought it needs to be brought out to the forefront. With the droughts going on around the world, this would certainly help plants, some crops and trees that are dying under the conditions they are currently under.

The Water Tube™ is made from very strong polyethylene and will stand up to a lot of wear and even re-use on another plant.

It is 100% recyclable, it is easy to install, it saves water, it saves your time, and it will save your plant. When a plant is protected and nurtured by a Water Tube™ it grows faster, it thrives and you gain the most benefit from your efforts to grow plants and trees.

The company strives to:

• Contribute to water conservation in all communities.

• Build well known and trusted global brands.

• Enhance the natural environment.

• Grow the business through distribution arrangements in all regions of the world.

Water Tube Pty Ltd is part of the NSW Government’s Australian Technology Showcase; is a member of the Australian Trade Centre in Melbourne; a member of the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and is encouraged by the support provided by the Australian Government – Austrade.

Have you seen anything like this before? Even still, this product has certainly met all environmentally friendly needs/specs. I like it!

Water Tube™ ….. as the green future unfolds.

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  1. environmental issues Says:

    water tube is a good way to use and recycle water.

  2. philippine airlines Says:

    I thought your post was well thought out and nicely developed, great work! =)

  3. Pink Says:

    We have used those in our garden for years! Here in the states they are called wall-o-water and we set them up around tomato plants in the spring to keep the seedlings warm on chilly nights.

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