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No Kidding!

Its Official, August Was The Second Hottest On Record



According to NOAA, June through August marks the second warmest summer on record. The persistent heat, combined with below-average precipitation across the southern U.S. during August and the three summer months, continued a record-breaking drought across the region.

Thus, creating a ripe environment for fires. The state is alive with burning embers from fires that were either accidents or were set by idiots. One fire close to me was set via a deer camp. Another was set by someone lighting socks and tossing them into a field. Over 40,000 acres were destroyed in Marion County fire. Add in the wind factor that just adds fuel.

The Bastrop fire is extremely destructive. It is approximately 50 percent contained. However, it has burned over 34,000 acres, 1550 homes, and 2 people have died. It was announced today that there are 22 people unaccounted for. Hopefully, they are staying somewhere else.

We did get a cool front through here that eased the over 100 degree heat. However, this week we are back up to 100 degree heat with the hopes of a front moving through here by the weekend. With the heat, wind and fires, the firefighters are doing a heck of a job. They are a tired bunch but they have worked their behinds off protecting as much as they can.

There have been two fires by my place. One of them spread pretty fast with 25 -30 mph winds just south of me. The other one was just a hay field away. The field between my neighbor and myself was set up for the firetrucks to refill with water.

Needless to say, I felt very protected.

Kevin Green/News-Journal Photo

Kevin Green/News-Journal Photo

All over this state, people were told to evacuate with very little time only to come back and only have the shirts on their backs left. The kindness and big hearts of the folks here in Texas is really wonderful. Whether it is helping out the firefighters or those in need, they were there!

We really need the rain to fall. Right now it is so dry and hot that the fire is going under ground and starting up again. Can this happen? Yes it can and has.

On one hand, the damage that has been done is horrible. On the other, the trees will heal and start growing again. The underbrush will come back but it will take a while. So from an environmental viewpoint, the fires are good but Mother Earth will bring it back with full bloom.

Fire. … as the green future unfolds.

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  1. Karen @ Pledging for Change Says:

    I don’t know how you coped. It’s frightening.
    I always feel like I can barely function when we have really hot days here in the UK. This summer here in the north west has been very cool. In fact we can hardly call it a summer really.

    This is it when people talk about caring for the planet and helping to minimize or reduce global warming… the planet will take care of itself so we need to act for ourselves and make those changes to preserve ourselves. The rest will slip into place just nicely

  2. Patrick Says:

    Lots of places around the globe had record temperatures this summer. I wander if this is gonna turn i9nto a tendency.

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