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Green Roofs and Another Emergency Trip

Linda has asked me to once again do my best to help keep you informed on the latest green technologies. Unfortunately, it appears a return trip to the hospital is happening today. Complications, unforeseen. Linda isn’t sure how long she’ll be gone and away from her blogging. Let’s hope things go smoothly and they return soon – whole and healthy!

Green Roof Technology

While you await the return of your green living expert, I came across this video demonstrating how efficient and effective green roofs can be, particularly for urban living:

Green Roofs Website

The above video was found at this resource portal for green roofs. You’ll also discover more videos and more green technology tips by visiting their website. When you get to the site, check out their blog. Here’s an excerpt from their most recent post:

Roof material is important when harvesting rainwater and many of the guides discuss this. For example, wood, copper and treated asphalt are only good for irrigation purposes. Slate, concrete, metal coated or painted, and most vinyl/rubberized are excellent for all uses. Asphalt shingles are acceptable as long as they are not treated with a chemical.

The full post can be found here. It goes into much greater detail; information we all will find valuable!

Again, please send your thoughts and well wishes Linda’s way and specifically to her “partner in crime” for a speedy recovery. Linda has consistently provided immensely detailed posts and information over the past three years. In fact, she is considered to be a leading green authority (and much better blogger about green living then I could ever hope to be!).

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  1. Samantha guide Says:

    Thanks for share, nice 🙂

  2. Christy Fraire Says:

    Your blog rocks my socks!! Love the writing style!!

  3. Fredric Pushard Says:

    It was a real pleasure finding your site this morning. I came up here right now hoping to discover interesting things. And I was not frustrated. Your well thought out ideas on new techniques on this topic were insightful and a great help to myself. Thank you for having time to write down these things and for sharing your ideas.

  4. Barry Christian Says:

    Good job! Thanks for kind of fascinating stuff as I’ve been able to search out here. I agree with most of what’s written right here and I’ll be returning to this site again.

  5. Toby Aletha@Replica watches Says:

    Great information! It’s amazing that when people enquire about the houses, they asked for green roofs and solars. It shows their concerns for their environment. sometimes these people don’t even care about the expenses to go green. There must be other environmental benefits that i haven’t seen pointed out ,one being that this extra greenery on the roofs will also breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe oxygen and even the grass trimmings can be composted down and recycled this way too

  6. Lawerence Hallgren Says:

    This is the first time I checked out your blog, and honestly, compared to your other posts, “Green Roofs and Another Emergency Trip |” is much more well-written! 🙂 Keep up the good work. Regards, Lawerence Hallgren

  7. watch online tv Says:

    This is sweet stuff, its good to be in the know.

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