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We Built This City On Green Rock and Roll

Remember The Jefferson Starship Song “We Built This City On Rock and Roll”? Well, We’re Going To Put A Green Spin On It.

Let’s take a trip into the future in a multi-part series utilizing green innovations. Some of these ideas and innovations were the green subjects of previous Forced Green articles. Although these innovations can be used for brand new projects, in this series we will rebuild and transform a dying, decayed, and ruined city into a thriving, sustainable, and enjoyable metropolis. We will start underground and work our way up.

Part One : Subterranean

News reports have been full of stories of pipeline explosions killing scores of people, and devastating communities, or tons of fresh water lost to ruptured water lines. So for a safe solution to the deadly and environmentally destructive problem of age-degraded and structurally defective pipe systems, New Green City utilizes a method called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. For energy, sewer, and water pipelines et al, in both residential and commercial applications. It effectively relines the original pipe to create a new jointless pipe within the existing pipe without digging up roads and impacting traffic and area businesses for excessive amounts of time.

With a 100-year design life, CIPP’s trenchless method has the capability to rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from 6 to 96 inches (15.2cm – 2.4m). It is a fast process that uses a fiberglass tube coated wth epoxy resin that’s inserted into a damaged/old pipe and pulled through, easily negotiating bends and joints, then blown up like a balloon and cured with steam or hot water. After a few hours, the epoxy hardens like steel and creates the pipe within a pipe that is better and stronger than the host pipe. Reducing the pipe’s diameter by only about one-eighth of an inch (3mm), CIPP actually helps the flow capacity because there are no joints or seams that can separate over time. Depending on the depth of the dig, the cost comparison between the conventional “dig and replace” method could range from around the same to 2 or 3 times cheaper with the CIPP process. (More info on CIPP at Insituform Technologies – ).

Today we know that there are as many as 11 major gyres across the world’s oceans, and all of them are potential vestibules for the world’s trash. Plastic trash endures for a very long time and it’s a global issue. To stop New Green City from participating in that ecological debacle all storm drains have debris-stopping filters installed. 10,000 devices will keep at least 700,000 pounds of trash per year from flowing into the water-ways.

The filters have a retractable screen on the drain that opens where water and trash go, and a second screen inside the drain captures all the detritus (loose material like rock fragments or organic particles) where periodically city maintenance workers will vacuum out all the waste.

… Stay tuned for Part Two…. as the green future unfolds.

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4 Responses to “We Built This City On Green Rock and Roll”

  1. Theresa Says:

    I read Part 2 before I read Part 1 so excuse my ignorance, but is this really “just a trip” into the future, or is this really and truly happening? Is New Green City a fantasy name or a real place (okay maybe that’s a duh maybe not, but it’s really late here LOL!).

    Anyway, wow. And regarding Part 2 I sure could use the rubber for a new driveway!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa …. LOL! It is a fantasy green city – sorta. If only our leaders would just take their roles as City Fathers and Mothers to heart and put the good of their city’s future ahead of partisanship and/or greed and really go for the best green bang for the buck. There are a few things incorporated in our future green city that are in various stages of development, testing, and prototyping, but for the most part, every green thing written is here, now, ready to go TODAY. At the end of the series I will list items that are available today and give available status eta’s for those not yet on the market.

  3. Theresa Says:

    We are in serious need of the 100th monkey! Something or someone whose going to tip the scales back into balance. Greed and ignorance is going to get us all s___ed. You would think their brains are located in a place most of us can’t see (or don’t look). Is it greed or are “we” just getting dumber? “We” act like horses at the turn of the 20th century, doomed to where blinker so we cannot see anything but what some ignorant greedy set of people put right in front of “our” faces.

    There are certain things in my life where I thought I’d lost hope, only to find it again. I pray that this is the case here and that the whole world wises up before it’s too late.

    I can hope!

  4. Linda Says:

    hi Theresa …. Those 20th century horses had no choice in wearing blinders, where as humans put them on willingly – which is both very sad and exasperating! And that brings up another appropriate horse analogy: You can lead a horse to sustainable water but can’t make the ignorant masses drink the unpolluted future!! … or something like that.

    But cheer up my friend and hold tight to that hope, because maybe, just maybe we are monkey numbers 98 & 99, while number 100 is just a little slow learning to wash those “green” sweet potatoes.

    After all, now is the beginning of the age of enlightenment, literally the dawning of “the age of Aquarius” the Fifth Dimension sang about so long ago. So, “Keep the Faith, Baby!”

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