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Grandma’s Letter To Mubarak

Today Forced Green is going off topic with the dictation of a guest speaker, Grandma Anna Bell. Although this site does not normally go far off our environmental topic, it will today because – I was told to.

An open letter to President Mubarak of Egypt from Grandma Anna Bell

Photo Credit: Lisa Solonynko

Dear President Mubarak,

Old Man, what are you doing? You’re 82 years old and you’ve been “President” for 30 years? Why aren’t you drinking tea under the shade, enjoying what little time you have left on this Earth, watching the tourist plod up to the pyramids, happily spending tons of money in your country?

You’re own people are doing everything they can to tell you to get out of the fast lane, you old fool, you’re holding up progress. Leave it to the kids, right or wrong it’s their turn.

I heard you took their internet away. Do you have any idea how much the kids love that internet? Well, how could you, you’ve been holed up in your ivory tower for 30 years, out of touch with the whole wide world. I didn’t know you could shut that internet off, I know I’ve had hundreds of those internet providers bugging me to sign up with them. If our President tried something like that, our internet companies would politely tell him to kiss their freedom (and money) loving behinds!

How can you still be President? Really now, did the majority of the citizens of your country over the age of 18 freely vote for you in every election for the past 30 years? Well, if they didn’t – you ain’t.

And what’s with the black hair dye?  Only the wise are grey.  I’ve been proud of my grey hair since I found my first one 30 years ago – named it after my oldest child. I mean really you’re not fooling anyone but yourself. It’s just plain silly.

That’s about it, since you’re a bit busy trying to hold back the future. You just need to do the right thing and ride off into the sun set – a wise old man would have along time ago.

Grandma Anna Bell

….. as the green future unfolds.

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No Responses to “Grandma’s Letter To Mubarak”

  1. Theresa Says:

    You know you’re really not that far off the mark with this one. Maybe it’s not “environmental” or “green” but it is all about change. And yes, when so many of Egypt’s citizens appear to want to move forward, well that’s environmentally impacting in its own way, yes?

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa …. yes! I agree and hopefully there will be no more killings in order for change to be accomplished. However, in every event that is massive as this, lives are lost. So Sad!

  3. Theresia Orgovan Says:

    Rounds of gunfire were heard today leaving 3 dead and 600 injured. Protesters who want Mubarak to quit immediately were still holding their ground in the epicentre of the protest at Tahrir Square. It has been alleged that the pro-Mubarak protestors are hired goons sent to destabilize the protest.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresia …. Yeah, I was wondering about that. This kinda reminds me alot like Iran Last year!

  5. Danielle Says:

    I was just talking to someone about this very thing. They were tell me how it will be horrible if they run him out of office. I tried to explain to him that the people just want things to change and that you can’t fault them for that. I mean if the same thing was happenining to us I am sure we wouldn’t just sit back and take it. I am all about change it is not a bad thing. It can be scary but it can also invoke the new ideas.

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