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The World Wide Hydrogen Super Highway

Picture this in your not too distant green future:

Above and along the right-of-way of the US Interstate Highway System runs the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway. A collection of vital municipal utilities bundled into a “Conduit Cluster” providing a full integration of solar powered hydrogen production and distribution system and perched on top at tree-top level is a high speed magnetic levitation (MagLev) on-demand public transit rail. Enabling people to ride in comfort at speeds exceeding 250 miles per hour in publicly owned transit vehicles that share the same maglev rail with privately owned transit vehicles. Utilizing automated TCP/IP traffic control system using ports, and sub-networks. The vehicles come in several different versions to accommodate passengers, automobiles, freight, and even complete triage and trauma units.

The Interstate Traveler Company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, has a mission to mass produce the least expensive and most universal form of public conduit to move people via maglev technology, and simultaneously provide structural conduit for the distribution of electricity, potable water, liquid waste, fiber optics, hydrogen, oxygen, and where applicable, other liquid and vapor based fuels. With the intend to expand business to include an International Sales Organization to supply light rail systems and utility conduits to municipalities world wide.

The Hydrogen Super Highway, also known as the HyRail, is a futuristic aestheticly pleasing, mass produced “Snap-together” plug-&-play technology, accessed by Traveler Stations built within the land locked real-estate of the clover leaf interchanges providing maximum ease of access. All existing “Park and Ride” facilities adjacent to Traveler Stations will be upgraded to support pedestrians and vehicular transit, as well as terminal support for the major parcel carriers.

The solar powered electrolysis process in producing hydrogen creates a constant flow of water. Enabling the system to generate hydroponic grade water supplies for the growth of food bearing greenery growing in perfect health for miles and miles. Providing oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide AND bearing fruit.

The Traveler is being developed for the expressed purpose of upgrading the entire existing US Interstate Highway System to provide a quieter, cleaner, safer, faster, cheaper and more efficient national transportation network to be continually expanded onto hundreds of thousands of miles of rail-road rights-of-way and other road ways. Further, the system is scalable for local inter-urban and just-in-time-delivery systems for commercial production facilities. This modular system will form a transportation and municipal infrastructure web across the United States, and eventually every nation in the world as an emerging standard.

For commercial, civil and homeland security, the Traveler creates a never ending solar powered process of water purification, sewage mitigation, shipping, public transit, communications, energy production/storage and distribution. As sustainable development is paramount to the future of mankind, the Traveler just could be a perfect solution to this problem.

as the green future unfolds.

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4 Responses to “The World Wide Hydrogen Super Highway”

  1. Theresa Cahill Says:

    Linda this is great! I’m a tad confused though as you mention it is being developed to replace (or improve) mass transit, but then you state the Traveler “just could be” a perfect solution.

    Are they or aren’t they? Do you think it will come off the drawing board? And if yes, in our lifetime??

    It’s way cool!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa ….. In January 2010, a Task Force created by the state of Michigan, released it’s findings that urged Michigan to consider this revolutionary hydrogen-powered MagLev system as soon as possible – as long as the project would be completely privately financed – as the company promised. (Shoot, what gov. entity in their right mind wouldn’t!)

    The proposed project? A mag-lev run from Detroit to Ann Arbor to Lansing, with potential extension to Grand Rapids, for about $2.3 billion. Little news on any project progression since but, only 11 months in this economy is par for the course.

    If we can get our indecisive elected officals to show a little courage and go ahead with some of these innovative projects, just think of the jobs and the economic turn-around and the environmental healing we all could enjoy.

    So, yes, definitely in our life times. In fact, I can see ground-breaking on this within a year, maybe two and the system up and working in 5 to 7 years.

  3. Sarah Harris Says:

    This sounds incredible. I take the train almost every day and this year the prices are going up 11%! That is a huge jump and is really going to be tough this coming year to keep up. That, and it takes roughly 35-50 minutes to get into town. If something like this were available it would save so much money and time, two of the most important things in our lives. I can’t wait to read more about it.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Sarah …. Prices are going to keep going up for any number of the same old ‘we’re running out of fossil fuel’ reasons. But keep the faith because there’s alot of clean green transportation options in our future, some so close to coming on-line it’ll make your pulse race.

    When they do come on-line, they will probably be a little pricey at first, but just like computers, cell phones, and flat screen tv’s, the price WILL come down as the initial cost is paid off. Because it will be sustainable – they won’t be able rob us with the “supply and demand” gun any longer.

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