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How About Some Good Green News

On The Green Battle Front-Lines, Sometimes It Seems For Every One Step Forward, We’re Knocked Two Steps Back. But Cheer Up Bucky, ‘Cause Good Things ARE Happening :

On February 1, 1986 the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC), was established. A nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people. Since then 19,000 miles of rail-trail throughout the U.S. have been completed, and more than 9,000 miles of potential rail-trails waiting to be built.

Montana State University researchers have discovered that baking soda can dramatically increase algae’s production of the key oil precursors for biodiesel. When added at a particular time in the growing cycle, baking soda more than doubled the amount of oil produced in half the time in three different types of algae.



Conducted in the spring of 2010, a survey of wild mountain gorillas living in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo has shown an increase to 480, up from 380. The last count of this particular gorilla population was done in 2003, so an increase of 100 gorillas over seven years represents a considerable annual growth rate. (Although the increase is good news, their very small population means the gorillas are still extremely vulnerable to poaching and habitat destruction.)


A collaboration of laboratories in the U.S., Switzerland, South Korea and the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Plant Survival, discovered two essential genes that controls the accumulation and detoxification of arsenic in plant cells. Tens of millions of people are exposed to this risk by drinking contaminated water or by ingesting cereal crops cultivated in polluted soils. Controlling these genes will make it possible to develop plants capable of preventing the transfer of toxic metals and metalloids from the roots to the edible portions of the plant such as the grains, fruits, and leaves, thereby limiting the entry of arsenic into the food chain.








The Nissan LEAF is hitting the road this month after over 20,000 orders and deposits submitted. With such a positive response Nissan is stepping up again and will be launching 3 more electric vehicle models: an electric Infiniti, a two-seat urban car, and a small cargo van. Nissan is projecting the electric van to come out in 2013.

as the green future unfolds.

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  1. Robin Howell Says:

    Wow Linda, what a bunch of cool facts you’ve gathered. Reusing, recycling, and the baking soda/oil thing for biodiesel was awesome! Can’t wait for my blog to grow into something like yours… I’m working on it!

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